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Sizing Guide

Common problem we are experiencing is people ordering belts that are to small. Please follow the guide.

Best Method:  Measure a belt currently being used.

Measure from the end of the buckle pin, to the hole currently being used

OK Method: Measure the person that the belt is for.

Use a Soft Tape Measure around the waist at the height that the belt will be worn. The measurement (in inches) is the size you need.

'Not an ideal' Method: Estimate from Pants size.

Identify the pants size of the person the belt is for, then add 2 inches. e.g. size 38" Jeans would take a 40" belt.

Worst Method: Guessing.

This is where it usually goes wrong and only the courier wins.

Best method to measure a belt, picture of buckle end and tape
Sizing Guide: About Us
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